Sony have released an update to their Movie Studio line. Doting grandparents, soccer mums, beginner vidcasters, and mobile visualists rejoice! Notable updates from the previous Vegas Movie Studio include:

  • HDV support/Capture
  • 77 new effects
  • 50+ more transitions
  • Primary colour correction (anyone know what that means?)
  • 5.1 surround sound mixing
  • Limited edition Sony Pictures Sound Effects CD
  • Import directly from Sony DVD Camcorder
  • Export to PSP and iPod compatible formats
  • Vegas Movie Studio training DVD

If like me you’re already well-cemented in your NLE of choice then this may not be of interest, but at US$120 it’s definitely worth a look for a light mobile edit system, and the included training DVD could make it perfect for the video editing beginner in your life. I’m not sure I’m dedicated enough to check out the trial, but if Vegas Big Kids Edition is anything to go by this should be friendly to use and fast as anything.

  • Keith Crosley

    I highly recommend Vegas Movie Studio Platinum… for many, many users it will provide all the functionality they ever need — without having to pay for the full version of Vegas. ALSO, buying VMSP is the most inexpensive way of getting the ability to render video to the awesome CINEFORM codec, which is terrific for VJ applications.

    Note that VMSP is also compatible third-party plug-ins for the full version of Vegas. For example, I use the full versions of Magic Bullet for Editors, Pixelan SpiceMaster, etc. It may sound weird (to use a "consumer" app with plug-ins that cost 3X the price), but for the VAST majority of DV or HDV projects, Vegas Movie Studio is awesome and represents a huge value. The 7.0 version adds 5.1 surround support, eliminating one of the major limitations of previous versions.

    BTW, Primary color correction means that the Sony Vegas "Primary Color Corrector" tool/plug-in is included. This is Vegas's main color correction tool. The Vegas "secondary color corrector" (which is a pretty cool tool — useful for some types of matte creation and "colorpass" effects) is NOT included.