iLounge is reporting that the new iPods released wednesday require some sort of authentication/DRM chip for video output cables to work. Apparently, existing video output solutions from 3rd parties that work with the 5G/5.5G video iPod do not work on the Nano and the Classic (the iPod Touch is not currently shipping – but assumed not to work as well). This means you have to buy an Apple, or newer ‘compatible’ (authorized?) 3rd party video output cable. I’m uncertain if this is actually due to a change the circuitry, due to the addition of component video output, or a deliberate addition of DRM.

Apple Locks TV out in new iPods – breaks video add-ons – iLounge Read on for reports of what works and doesnt.

  • Danny

    It is nice of you to give them the benefit of the doubt but please, this is a very Apple like move. They have to give 3rd party guys something to justify the rnasom for being Apple approved.

  • Amanda

    Does anyone know if this will be fixed? I bought the new video ipod for that specific purpose and now I'm limited to watching it on a 2" screen.