Mike from HD for Indies with the Red One overlooking New York City

The Red camera is in the wild, and apparently the revolution wont be televised, it will be filmed, at 4096×2048 @ 24FPS. Here is a quick link roundup from the interwebs.

I downloaded a few of the 4K still frames. They weigh in at 48MB uncompressed tiffs, and the result is astounding. Ive seen uncompressed HD and 2K on professional broadcast monitors and projectors, but I can’t imagine seeing this at native resolution in full motion. Lets let that last link sink in on you. I am insanely jealous.

  • Darren Landrum

    I realize I might be late to this article, but I was wondering if anyone knew the word on the color space of the RED cameras. I know Panasonic has a 4:2:2 camera out now. What's the RED capable of? I can't find an answer in RED's site for some reason. It only mentions 12-bit RAW (I'm assuming 12 bits per channel, + 4 channels), which would be 4:4:4 if my muddled brain still remembers anything about this.