Sure, you have fun with your one projector. But don’t you sometimes want to add giant water fountains, with water projection? And more video? And fire? And lasers? And some creepy wizard guy? In South Korea, spending money on such things seems strangely commonplace, as at the multimedia/fountain installation at Kangwon Land / High One Resort. Friend of CDM (and Jaymis) Rainer Knobloch had a major role in the project. This definite counts as our Massive Neo-Baroque Multimedia Spectacle of the Day.

Seen other stuff like this you liked? Let us know in comments.

  • mike

    well cheesy!

  • Peter Kirn

    Heheheh. Well, a gig's a gig. If you can do this, though, imagine putting this to artier purposes…

  • mike

    I agree – would be amazing to play with those toys for some obscure abstract purpose without any pressure from the people paying for it. Never works like that though eh!

  • Rainer K

    all lights, fountains, video, fire etc. controlled with ONE…yes ONE piece of software (Av Stumpfl – Wings Platinum), with complete live control & response.

    Bit scary running scrolling the timeline and having the entire installation jump and respond…

  • Yensid

    Thats fantastic, but almost all of the music is stolen from Disneyworld's IllumiNations show, currently shown nightly over the EPCOT Lagoon. Somehow I doubt Disney knows about this…

    Amazing work, though. Wish I had that in my backyard.

  • Rainer K

    Onsite all the music has been licensed…none of it "stolen". The Tapestry of Nations piece you hear at the end has been used in thousands of shows around world. Disney has a whole division to license that stuff out.

    The earlier pieces are from Zimmer's score for Pirates of the Carribbean, from the second and third movies.

    Disney is probably the only company in the world who can afford to compose, score and record their OWN music for an installation. Everything else in the world basically has to be "stolen".

    However I definitely do not have the rights to put that music up on youtube…

  • Yensid

    Cool, that makes me not feel so guilty about using the exact same piece in my backyard multimedia show. Of course, I also use a ton of stuff from other disney sources, stuff that I KNOW I'm not "allowed" to use, but so what? It's not like I'm selling tickets to strangers.

    I really wish i had the money to make something like that, but due to establishment issues (legal guardians), I can't even commandeer more than two computers to run the multi-screen projection. :'(

    Gotta love technology. Now, if I could only get technology to love me back…

  • Helena

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