MrMr OpenSoundControl OSC control for iPhone and iPod


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Mrmr is an open protocol for mobile devices. It is used to dynamically create user interfaces on your iPod Touch or iPhone which respond to client apps in a multi-user performance environment.

Okay, that sounds awfully dry. Let’s try that again.

Mrmr lets you control Quartz Composer applications (or really , any compatible OSC implementation)over Wi-Fi from your iPod Touch or iPhone. Now you, too, can dance around like a lunatic while still controlling your visuals from the dance floor. Did we mention it’s multi-user, as well?

Mrmr is the brainchild of Eric Redlinger, researcher-in-residence at Brooklyn Polytechnic University’s Integrated Digital Media Program. He has leveraged the iPhone’s OS X underbelly and 10.5′s new Quartz Composer features to allow this sort of functionality.

I had the lucky* chance to interview Eric and ask him a few questions about Mrmr and the iPhone. Apologies for the quality of the interview, it was very spur of the moment.

Mrmr is a work in progress, but I think the results so far speak for themselves.

*(ok, no so lucky, my desk is right next to his, but somehow I had not seen Mrmr in action until just recently…)


    non of the links obove work for me.
    would love to see it in action.
    waiting since ages for devices (hacks) like these.

  • Dan Winckler

    The server is on a network that was having some trouble yesterday. Give it another try.

  • Peter Kirn

    Is the download working yet, Dan? Think the actual file may have not been working, independent from the site…

  • Ecume

    yep – its working more or less like the video shows. with the quartz composer app, most of the functionality is via key-commands rather than buttons in the UI – a gotcha! until you look in the menu options…

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  • Steven

    Anybody know how to install the iPhone app for this? I've SFTPd it into my iPhone but can't seem to get it to run.

  • ecume

    make sure you change the permissions so that the binary is executable. after I did that it launched fine.

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  • ecume

    FYI: new sources and updated binaries are now available!

  • yondertoy

    Hi all,
    many thanks for this neat stuff ! But is there any ways to get a PPC built version of qcperformer OS X visual synthesizer ? Please !!!
    THX !!!

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  • lovegroover

    This is perfect soloution to the problem of vj dancefloor blues! What im trying to say is we do this for the love of music, visuals and being part of the gig, Yet were stuck in a booth or even worse behind the speaker stack! Id seen Saucereyes do some great stuff with an four channel radio controller for model aircraft wipes and fades on an mx twelve the crowd were passing it around!!! perfect. But will the aka.remote work with i pod touch?

  • Brian MacMillan

    Re: Issue with New UI option, release .001 application builder ver Feb 4 2008 on iPod touch.

    I have set the permissions of murmur to execute, i have created an interface in the application builder and connected the application builder to the client (i'm running an ipod touch ver 1.1.1). Bonjour is enabled. When i click on the New UI option the Mrmr client disappears entirely.
    1. Does release .001 work on ver 1.1.1?
    2. Can i upload the UI to my ipod NOT using the murmur application builder – for example by including the .mrmr file in the .app file.
    3. Is there someplace on the ipod where an error message is logged?
    Note that nothing is running on my iPod touch prior to my launch of Mrmr.

  • ecume

    Hey Brian,

    there is a new version at:

    1) yes it works on 1.1.1
    2) you cannot currently create interfaces except via tcp or udp – handcoding an interface and placing the text file into the mrmr directory is coming soon!
    3) you can follow errors by running apps from the command line – works on all apps not just mrmr. For instance, after SSHing into your iPod, type cd /Applications/Mrmr then launch the app by typing ./murmur

    these terminal commands are typed into your computer's terminal, NOT the ipod terminal emulator!

    good luck!

  • vix

    I work on this beautiful mrmr with Max/MSP

    i can build interfaces, interact with Max but i don't understand how to set customized png image files to change buttons appearance

    anyone knows how to do that ?

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  • Allan White

    Any word on the App Store iPhone app? Their site said mid-Oct., haven't heard any thing yet.

  • http://none Hegurka

    Hi !
    Is it possible to follow a procedure for a very bad boy who doesn't understand nothing (but who loves research !) to run mRMR from an iPhone ?
    Because I try to enter some @IP (my PC, my iPhone..?), but… what ???
    What ? Please, help me ! I just see a black screen "Bank 1" (or 2, 3…). I've downloaded .csv. I try some connection but nothing appears…
    My perfection is very very very small, I know..
    Thank you very much !!!!!

  • Vidhar

    Hi guys,
    I have a problem with interface builder… I cannot upload a multi-page interface…. if I upload an interface on a bank(for example bank2) it will clear bank1… how can I make a multipage interface?
    many thanks and sorry for my bad english…..

  • ecume

    Vidhar – create a text file with all the banks in one file. Look at existing multi-bank patches to see what this looks like. Then put the .mmr file on a webserver and grab it via URL. The UI Builder app for the mac is outdated and was made at a time when Mrmr only supported single banks.

  • Vidhar

    thanx ecume!!!
    I'm sorry, but It doesn't work…….. :-(
    I've downloaded the mrmr_performance_multipatch.mmr file and edited it, saved and uploaded to my idisk… but it doesn't work…..

  • Paolo

    Hi! This is a great application! I don't understand the slider limitations in the range (0.0,1.0) or (0,1000).
    I whish to specify different ranges and see the current value with its bounds on the interface. I would use Mrmr also to edit settings for my app, so I need to see the numbers on the sliders and I whis to avoid to convert all my ranges from (1.0,0.0) ecc… Is it hard to add this feauture?


  • Saucereyes

    Hey Lovegroover!
    So nice you remembered! We're still doing groovy visuals hope 2 see you at our next gig Big Love!!!

  • HeuristicMusic

    Hi everyone,

    Can anyone help me figure out bidirectional communication between Mrmr abd Reaktor? I was easily able to get Reaktor to respond to OSC messages from Mrmr, but I can't get Mrmr to respond to messages from Reaktor.

    So far, the only app I have been able to achieve bidirectional communication with has been oscRemote, but it doesn't appear to support float values (i.e. a value range of 0-1, rather than the integer value range of 0-1000), which seems to be necessary in Reaktor.


  • .beni

    Hey there

    I wanted to take a look at the protocol documentation on the original website. It does not seem to be online. Can anyone help?

    Also, great stuff! Appreciate it! Is there any development still going on?

    Thanks in advance!

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