The Oculon Pocket Projector Pro 920 and 1440 are.. well.. actual pocket projectors. Available in December the tiny projectors pack 640×480 VGA for the 920 ($299) and 800×600 SVGA for the 1440 ($399), and literally fit in the palm of your hand. The 1440 sports both composite and VGA (D-SUB 15 pin) inputs connections, while the 920 supports only composite RCA. Both have optional SD card slots and Mpeg4 video playback – which could prove fun.

Obviously, there is a catch – or two. The specs on the product pages seem a bit inconsistent, with the 1440 mentioning 250 lumens (yes, two hundred and fifty), while the 950s spec only quoted at 25 (yes, two hundred and fifty divided by ten. That was not a typo on my part at least). The suggested throw at one meter being a diminutive 24 inches. Still, they could prove quite fun. Oculon mentioned a portable battery pack for the projector. Can anyone say head mounted projector?

Updated: the specs currently show 50 lumens for the 1440, as you can see on the product page. We received a correction via Ariel Chen from Oculon. Note that while that lumen level is relatively low for projection, there are still a number of applications for which this could be a really fun tool. -Ed.

I can. See the Oculon Pocket Projector homepage for more information.

  • http://danwinckler.com Dan Winckler

    Just the other day I was thinking about getting one of these for a rescan setup, e.g.,

    video camera –> | surface (or body (human, cat, …)
    projector –> |

    Maybe i shall…

  • http://molior.net Eric Mika
  • http://www.HighwayCinema.homestead.com Hunter

    I may have been the first to do shoulder-mounted projection, with my Eiki 16mm film projector. That's old school I know, but don't forget the media methods that got us to where we are now.
    -Hunter, founder of Highway Cinema, with over 700 screenings presented so far…

  • Italian guy

    The low Lumen reason should be that they use Led instead of usual lamps…Recently LG has introduced what I think is the first Led driven projector (normal size) and they also declare a very low Lumen…
    I'd like to read some review on those!

  • http://danwinckler.com Dan Winckler

    A search for pocket projector on Amazon yields a few more, including this LED-lit Boxlight Bumblebee, which can do 800×600, 150 lumens, weighs only a pound, and costs $505.49. Not bad.

    N.B. Lumens lie.

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