Cheer, indeed. We know how badly many of you want to get out from behind your laptop and out into a venue once in a while. Here’s a solution: wear your display. And it helps if that display has the insane interactive capabilities that this one does. Marco Tempest of writes CDMo:

A little X-Mas greeting for all of you! Showing of my Photonic T-Shirt. Wearable visuals. Haha…

I’m still working out whether that “haha” is an evil scientist “I’ll take over the world with this” laugh, a laugh at the rest of us that don’t have one of these t-shirts, or a jolly laugh of holiday delight. I’m betting some combination of the three. (Or, as suggested in comments, simply “hahaha, this isn’t actually real.” I take it then as inspiration to make something that does this but actually, you know, works, without needing sly magicians and fakery. I’ll leave it to you to determine what’s going on.) Just watch:

  • Michael Una

    I call shenanigans. There's something about the edges of the image that's too crisp for the video quality.

    Also, he's a magician. I think it's at least partially bogus.

  • Peter Kirn

    Could well be. I gave him the benefit of the doubt just because I was immediately thinking about ways it could be done. ;)

  • David Eastman

    This video clip is obviously motion tracked, and not particularly well done at that. Sorry, but no such luck!

  • Virtual Magician

    Wow I am on CDM! A real honor!

    David Eastman:
    Thank you for your comment. however… sorry to disappoint you! No motion tracking here… That would be too easy.:-)

    It is a flexible 14×14 pixel RGB LED display build into textiles (full 8 bit per color and as fast as 40 fps).

    In addition I am wearing a small micro-controller and battery pack that feeds the display with sequences that I can trigger from hidden switches under the shirt.

    FOX picked up on this video and asked me to perform on their New Years Eve Special 2007 live from Times Square. Tune in on 12/31 @ 11:40 PM

    Happy New Year! Many happy pixels to all of you…

  • bohus

    Really nice trick. I've done the plucking lights out of the air bit myself, but having it as a visual trigger for such a sophisticated light display is very clever.

    I find it endlessly amusing that you fooled a poster her into thinking that the effect was motion tracked and looked fake, when in fact your video is of a physical practical effect.

    People seem to forget the simplest methods are sometimes the best (boy, have I gotten funny looks when I've used things like mirrors and other physical optical illusion tricks with my video camera – WAY less time in post if you just do it right the first time!).

    Congratulations on your success, and hope to see even more LED knitwear from you in the future. ;)

  • David Eastman

    I stand corrected!

  • ian

    i can't believe you just gave away your secret! Gob would be SO pissed!

  • Virtual Magician

    i did a slightly enhanced version of the routine last night on FOX! live from Times Square. Here is the video doc: