This is something I’ve been working on for quite a while, but I’ve realised that there are too many new things on the horizon which will take up my time (and my computers’ CPU cycles) so I’ve decided to release it as a draft rather than sitting on it until "perfect".


While there’s still some editing and motion tweaking to be done, this piece is rather time consuming to preview and render. As the action speeds up it is blending many high resolution images together for each frame.

The video compresses around 10 hours of stencil cutting into 4 minutes. Shot with the same Pentax *ist DS as my previous time lapse efforts, the camera takes around 35 frames per minute at 1536×1024. This gives plenty of leeway for pan and scan in post production if outputting to SD or lower resolutions.

This method of shooting allows a very high quality look, with minimal expenditure. I had some problems with this camera’s viewfinder focus and auto-aperture function recently, the repair quote was AU$300, while a new K100D (the new version of the *ist) is under AU$600 including a lens. With prices for digital SLRs getting this low, a proper SLR version of the ghetto timeslice rig can’t be too far away.

  • Drew Blood

    Really nice – I especially like the camera movement. The piece looks great finished too. db

  • Brett

    This is why man invented the laser cutter.

  • christian

    …this is why Jesus invented Illustrator and inkjets.

    /snark – but the video was interesting; could you set the camera to shoot at certain intervals, or did you have to manually shoot every minute or so?

  • Jaymis

    @christian: The camera doesn't have an internal intervalometer (interval shooting/timelapse function), but I wanted the frames as quickly as possible, so I just used a little stereo headphone jack with the pins soldered together to close the remote shutter function, like this

    Tool snarks: Are kind of pointless. If Jesus' inkjets and digital cameras and laser cutters and 3d printers are so cool, why are people still painting and drawing and cutting and sculpting?

  • Luke

    Really cool video
    Though as a stencil artist I was amazed at the stencil itself. My complements to all the artist involved

  • Keith

    Hey Jaymis,

    Thats completely awesome, as a process and a finished piece. It's like you can see the light streaming through the branches splashing on the lens.

    Your friend in Melbourne