Resolume at work: Miki Grahame VJing. Photo by yoz.

Those of you not on the mailing list for Resolume missed a double bombshell coming this weekend at Paris’ Vision’r VJ festival.

Big story #1: open visual plug-in standard gets hardware savvy. the official release of FreeFrameGL 1.5 will happen, hosted by Resolume’s Edwin and Bart and VJamm‘s Russel. FreeFrame is already a big deal; it’s an open plug-in format for visual effects, a bit like VST for visuals, except open-source instead of chained to, ahem, Steinberg. (Music folks know why that’s annoying.) With OpenGL support in FF 1.5, FreeFrame plug-ins get hardware-accelerated visuals.

Big story #2: a new Resolume will be revealed soon. This weekend we finally get to see what’s in the future for Resolume, the cult favorite VJ app on Windows. It’s a preview, but it’s good news, and it’s a year and a half in the making according to Resolume’s makers.

I was trying to explain to someone why Resolume is still important. "But it looks toy-like, like the rest of them," they said. "But there’s all this stuff hidden, this quick access to basic techniques," I said. I do believe that. Of course, I may be even happier with what Resolume 3 brings.

Hey, happiness is mixing visuals with a Mac in one hand and a PC in the other…

We hope to have more details on Resolume 3 and FreeFrameGL 1.5 for you soon.

Anyone in Paris at Vision’r? Take photos, take video, write some quick thoughts — we’d love to hear from you!

  • Orubasarot

    I would love for Resolume 3 to move things forward, that way I won't need OSX86 ever again. I'm not that big into visuals so vvvv is way over my head, but Resolume is the Sound Forge of VJing, basic but practical and intuitive.

  • cybunk

    Resolume it's easy but you can't do so muche things. It's a really basic mix software.
    To play loop A/v + effect it's good, but if you want to play 10 loop in the same time with some differents effec on each it's not possible.

    Me I prefere Elektronika, harder but better.
    Do what you want like a modular soft !


  • toby*spark

    vision'r revealed the game changing vixid two years ago, and in the same vein i'm on the edge of my seat to see whether two things i heard about resolume 3 are true…

    anyway, a write up from node, mapping and vision'r definitely could be possible, i should have the time.


  • _kraftma_

    2be honest, its all 'bout creativity, not about the tools….i saw dozens of boring shows, based on effect madness. with so many layers that the picture looks so blurry, as i were drunk.
    i go with the "toyish" resolume, its fast…thats a what i need for a good job. not thousands of knobs.
    resolume for mixing, vvvv for deep generative stuff…
    i'm shure resolume3 will not disapoint me…

  • makemassair

    Looking forward to hearing about the Resolume 3 software capabilities.

    Resolume was solid to use back when I was PC based. Only thing that let it down when I was using it was controlling flash properly.