LUX from Richard Lainhart on Vimeo.

Our friend Richard Lainhart sends this lovely "swirly thing" (to use technical terms). His description:

An abstract HD film animated in After Effects. The soundtrack, "The Beautiful Blue Sky", is a realtime electronic synthesizer improvisation for Buchla 200e and Haken Continuum.

My description:


Oh, sorry. Forgot what I was saying: staring into swirly thing. Hey, it’s the weekend. Enjoy!

  • http://VVVV V–V–V–V


    that was really amazing
    i really liked this

    this would make WONDERS being projected on a wall, would create a really nice atmosphere.

  • Alex Fernandes

    Cool video :) i made some abstracts and upload them at youtube :) -> there are the videos ^^

  • _kraftma_

    the vector blur plugin made by cycore is a really nice effect.

  • Anders Hattne

    Would that have to be done in 32bit colour mode to get such richness, or could you do it in 8bit as well?

    Very nice stuff that. Anyway you can plug that straight into the eyes?

  • Richard Lainhart

    Thanks, Anders.

    LUX was done in 24-bit color, 8 bits per channel. If you're referring to true 8-bit color, with a maximum of 256 different colors, I don't think it would be possible to this kind of imagery with that limited a color palette.