Ambra Galassi gets her Modul8 on, via Flickr.

It’s a small release number, but I expect Modul8 users will want to pay attention to this one. New in 2.5.5 are various fixes and improvements, most notably restoring Flash SWF support removed from QuickTime. I hope other VJ apps will be able to do the same.

Also in this update:

  • Swatches, color picker for layer colorization
  • Transformation knob for layer field of view
  • Audio fading with layer opacity (neat idea!)
  • Unlimited size for multi-output windows
  • Media triggering by name
  • Lots of other small fixes and features

Modul8 2.5.5 Feature Details

Read on in the forum, and you can find the fix that allowed GarageCUBE to restore Flash support: "Modul8 is using the Flash plugin of Safari, so you could load any file that loads in Safari. " Now, that sounds to me like even Java/Processing support could happen via the same hack. Any takers?

Let us know how the update works for you, ye Modul8 users.


    If there is anyone with experience in hosting the Flash Payer.plugin (or Java Applets) then please contact us, we'd like to hire you.

  • cyberpatrolunit

    .. it's about time for some juice ;)

  • ilan

    Thanks for the post Peter! And yes… Processing/Java. Who knows :)

  • Tim

    When will they actually support HDV Camera input (CANON – HV20) ?????

    Record audio ???

    - TIm

  • ilan

    If you are using v2.5.8 it should do so.