CDMo reader Memo writes:

I’m just rushing out the door off to Glastonbury to set things up.. I thought you might be interested in this little (!) project…

Glastonbury 2008 PI Teaser (Webcam Piano + Psychedelic Fluids) from Memo Akten on Vimeo.

Everything is entirely camera driven and realtime. Originally started this app in processing, but realized I needed as much power as possible so switched to C++ / OpenFrameworks. Not using the GPU as much as I’d liked due to time restraints, v2 will be fully GPU hopefully ;)

Anyone going to Glastonbury? Drop in and play Memo’s piano for us. Working on your own (little!) project? Contact form‘s to the right.

  • skimmas

    I could spend hours playing with something like this. :D

  • Story Boy


  • VJ Anomolee

    wow, leave to memo to combine my two favorite projects of his!
    Nice work my friend keep it up!

  • nobbystylus

    that boy memo is too clever by half.. pith i can't make it to glasto this year…

  • Virtual Magician

    wow… i want to play with it!

  • CongoZombie

    D'oh! Figures that it'd be on the year that I don't go!

    Love his stuff. Can see why he needed to use C++ though. I tried getting a similar movement detection working in processing- I had frame differencing set up and then ran the image through a threshold filter, but in order to cut down on camera noise, I added gaussian blur before thresholding. Ran really slowly.

    I love the way that memo has put this together though!

  • skimmas

    CongoZombie: I'm not that really that much into codding so the following statement is just me being a smart ass. Might even completely not know what I'm talking about :P

    2 years ago I saw a guy that use an eroding technique to remove the noise. I think he first detected possible shapes than he remove 1 or more pixels around the shape in order to eliminate shapes created by noise. I think that method was much faster than applying a blur.