Korg has just publicly shown this trio of tiny USB controllers in London, and they look very tasty indeed for live visualism – small and thin enough to fit along the lip of a non-pro MacBook or 13” PC laptop, but with advanced assignment features, scene editing, and other features. That keyboard would go nicely with the new GrandVJ’s MIDI assignment features… and that could leave another laptop routed into a mixer with a bigger controller. No word on pricing or availability, but we’ll be watching. Full details on Create Digital Music:

Korg nanoKEY, nanoKONTROL, nanoPAD: Super Tiny MIDI Keyboard, Controller, Pads

  • http://abstrakt.vade.info vade

    This is awesome. I was just looking to replace my MicroKontrol with something smaller. Nano is smaller than Micro, weeee…

  • http://createdigitalmusic.com Peter Kirn

    Ah, yes, but technology marches on. Get ready for pico, femto, atto, and zepto. (I know … sounds like bizarro Marx Brothers.)


  • http://superdraw.intervalstudios.com superDraw

    bring it on! more tiny controllers! I'm currently using a Killamix Mini and love it- but find myself wondering if more tactility is the way to go (with the eventual goal of not ever having to actually LOOK at the controller itself- quite possibly an important thing for a visualist)

  • http://wileywiggins.com Wiley


  • morph

    looks good, not sure any of them would fully replace a Remote zero, but they a a tep in the right direction.

  • http://www.plus2.fr FANF

    I want one !
    No, two !

    oh WTF, get two of each.

    But seriously, the keyboard could make up for my remote wero…

  • http://www.accentfeed.blogspot.com Miguex

    I saw them this morning on a UK site for aprox. 59pounds, with would be around US$ 116

    each of course, one of them was a few dollars cheaper than the other 2, can't recall which one, but my guess is that its the Nano Key.

    Very tasty indeed…

  • http://www.jaymis.com Jaymis

    I'm with Wiley. Fantastic! If only they had a standard midi in/out as well…

    Additional features are available using the free KONTROL Editor software: on the nanoKEY, you get velocity curves / fixed velocity and assignment editing, and the nanoPAD and nanoKONTROL support scene editing (four of them) in addition to other assignment editing choices.

    And that's the software addition which makes these devices truly useful. Midi controllers should be configurable.

  • http://torley.com Torley Lives

    I'm eager to find out the price on these too — there's a market void for quality, compact VJ gear, and these, especially the nanoPAD, might hit the sweet spot.

  • http://future-tense-cpu.com cyberpatrolunit

    .. now they just need to include a USB hub, jesus

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  • http://tumblr.nicolasgut.com nicolas

    available in september in Japan. Possible to buy online on amazon.co.jp
    i'm waiting to buy many of those tiny pads !

  • http://covops.org wetterberg

    I have already promised a bunch of ableton heads to CNC some sort of rack or tray for mounting several together… this is going to be sweet.
    Oh, and I saw a US Korg guy promise they were ALL going to be less than 100 usd… we'll see. Good tip about Japan, too! I'm in.

  • http://covops.org wetterberg

    aaaand the unsuspected update: all will be just::: 69usd!

  • morph

    Nice @ $69USD (which only makes them about $75AUD) each you can get one of each and use the most appropriate one for each gig ;)

  • http://www.seej.net seej

    yea, but can it take a beer spilled on it?

    or more important, how tricky to hack into them…convert it to osc or make it wireless… I could get one of those on my oven mit…

  • K.C.

    I use the NanoKontrol to control Arkaos or Ableton LIve and a Lighting program simultaneously , thus giving me full control over a Lighting, Video and Audio. Great!