New VJ hardware tends to be few and far between, so we’ve been closely watching the P-10, now officially the “P-10 Visual Sampler.” (The “P” stands for “presenter,” but Edirol has changed from “visual presenter” to “visual sampler” to emphasize the P-10′s sampling features — smart move.) First spotted earlier this spring, the P-10 boasts a built-in display and pads, the ability to play straight from memory cards, and sampling from a live analog video/audio source.


  • MJPEG movie and still JPEG support
  • Slide show capabilities
  • Playback and recording from SD(HC) memory cards
  • Capture from live video input (onboard composite, S-Video, and even audio in and out)
  • Internal color display, 12 trigger pads, dedicated effects dials

About those effects — we now know what they are, and they should look pretty familiar to Edirol owners:

  • Movie: Repeat AB
  • Reverse
  • Strobe
  • Speed
  • Color
  • Output Fade
  • Still Image: Slide Show, Strobe, Color, Output Fade

There’s also V-LINK support for integration with other Edirol products, though I would imagine you’d mostly want to use the onboard controls.

I think Edirol might be going a bit far when they say this is “a faster, more elegant and reliable alternative to using a laptop on stage.” I’m not sure what they mean by “faster,” and the main problem is that this really isn’t a laptop alternative — laptops just do more. But that said, if I had the cash I’d love to have one of these units alongside a laptop and mixer, and imagine gigging VJs will find the quick SD card capture to be just invaluable, especially if they pick up a camera that saves MJPEGs.

The deal killer for many is likely to be price, but to put this in perspective, this is a lot more compact and flexible than the Korg Kaptivator, which cost about twice as much.
I hope to get a look at the P-10 when it arrives stateside. Speaking of which…

Pricing and Availability

Edirol sells to a lot of different markets, so it’s tough to keep up with everything they’re doing — we know you’re in lots of different parts of the world. So far, I know this:

UK: £799 list inc VAT, shipping now
Europe: Appears to be EUR1090, also shipping now
North America: US$1195 list, not officially launched yet (expected later this month)
Australia: Awaiting confirmation

P-10 at Edirol Europe

P-10 at Global Site (including owners’ manual)

If you hear more in your corner of the world (hello, Japan and Brazil!), let us know.

  • Drew Blood

    So this does A/V sampling as compaired to the Korges Video only?

  • Peter Kirn

    @Drew: yep, would appear to be the case. I also found it annoying that the *only* way to load video onto the Korg's hard drive was sampling. (The Korg model, of course, now discontinued… so I guess it may not have been so successful.)

  • VJ Anomolee

    Any word yet on when this will be available for sale in the US?
    I have a gig on Halloween and would love to get one ASAP so i can have enough time to practice with it before hand.
    Also any definite answers on whether or not you can scrub/scratch audio synced with a video clip?

  • Pedro Matos

    Dont know about the avaiability in the US.
    Yes you can scrath the video with audio. About loading the video in this unit is very simple, you get a cd with specific software, and you can build your set, by assigning each video to a pad, and bank that you chose. Them transfer the data to the SDhC card et voilá. Simple, dont need the P-10 to do the loading of the clips. If you like i could take some screen shots of the app and post it.

  • Vj Dreamloop

    Forgot to tell that the only problem for me, is that the lcd buited in this unit, only shows the final output of the unit, so if you are in a gig, if you want to change a clip configuration, the menu will also appear in the output. That should be fixed.

  • VJ Anomolee

    yes please post screen shots.

    That wouldnt bother me because i usually cross fade over to another input when making a change like that (just like queing a record)

    -Anyone else (perhaps Peter Kirn, or anyone repping Edirol).
    "When in the hell is this thing going to be shipping to U.S.???"
    i could really use it for my halloween gig!

  • Vj Dreamloop

    Since i work with a Mac, the software for the P-10 is only for PC, so wen i get back to home, where i have the pc i will get some screen shots. If you would like some more information besides the release date in the US (i dont know that) you can post them.

  • vj chicle

    available in the US = $1,150

  • VJ Anomolee

    well i finally found where i can get one in the U.S.
    Fullcompass + free shipping!
    yipee cant wait!

  • cat

    No-one seems to mentioned this but there is quite a bit of lag on triggering loops, so be warned…

  • theLAB

    I've stumbled upon this firmware update for the Edirol P-10 and I must admit it's made a hell of an improvement on clip triggering. The update is simplicity in itself too. If you have a P10, this update is essential.

    There is also available a mac version of the P10 conversion software too, ill check this on the hackintosh soon.

    I've lifted this straight out of the pdf instructions.

    The ver.1.05 software includes following improvement and correction.
    - Faster pad response for playback (in case of the video playing
    back which is less than 1 – 2 minutes).
    - Supports 32GB of SDHC card.
    - At previous version, a few frames of video ending part was not
    played. The ver.1.05 solved the problem completely.
    - When the MIDI setting “Soft Through” is OFF, “All Note OFF” and
    “All Sound OFF” MIDI command does not go through.
    - “Slide Show button” by MIDI is available.


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  • Frank Beifus

    i wish they made an instructional video like they used to for the videonix products becaus i have alredy encountered glitches and i havent realy go it up and running.the file converter is saposed to work with windows 7 but not the 64bit version like i have????? i tryed to go on line with my old windows xp pro version editing system to down load the file converter and it didnt work there either .and thats just out of the box? need help.