Batchass has added a new blog which will feature new plug-ins for Onyx VJ, the free and open source VJ app built in Flash / Flex / AIR. With the possibility of support for Adobe’s new Pixel Bender, this is all getting pretty interesting. (And because of the Adobe architectures beneath, that means creations can have a life on the Web, as with Processing and Java.)

Batchass Code

I also like Batchass’ tagline, “electro-rock VJ.” Oh, yeah.

  • batchass

    I am currently coding an onyx-vj adapted laserdraw plug-in…
    Nice to be quoted here…

  • Allan White

    Finally, some plugins! Before, unless you were an AS3/Flex developer, making any kinds of new objects for Onyx would have been very difficult.

  • batchass

    I just added a quick start tutorial for actionScript developper wanting to write plug-ins…

  • nrlnd

    pixel bender yay.. but then again … will it support pb on gpu.. it wont as flash dosent right ?

  • batchass

    I dropped a plasma plug-in for onyx-vj, do you like it?

  • batchass

    I just created a repository on for the plug-ins…