CONTAKT @ Amsterdam from Ali M. Demirel on Vimeo.

David Lublin at Vidvox points us to this fantastic video from CONTAKT, playing live in Amsterdam with Richie Hawtin:

I’ve started to use Kineme plugins for Quartz Composer in my live set. Here is a good example based on ‘tb soundflower’ composition by alx toneburst. I’ve modified it to my performance and controlled variables live through VDMX. It worked great when Richie was playing with the mixer. Special thanks to alx toneburst and Kineme!

I have to get over how great the projection looks. Yes, event planners / promoters / club owners, this is how it’s supposed to be.

It’s also great to see some really lovely generative work. And you can expect more. The Kineme plug-ins are open-source, donation-based plug-ins for Apple’s lovely Quartz Composer.

There are some great little tools in there, including useful utility stuff – work with the Apple Remote, QuickLook, audio devices, cameras – and visual stuff as well, including OpenGL-based tools and a network camera tool. Anyone else using them? Other QC tips? Seems like we need to do an updated Quartz Composer guide soon. (In the meantime, I remain committed to developing some of the stuff I’m working on on the PC, vvvv, and Processing sides!)

  • vjwunderkind

    I sooo wish I could finally learn QC properly…

  • deb

    +1 on some QC helps!

    i have been using QC and sloooowwwwwly figuring out how it works, thanks to the excellent futurismo zugakousaku's site (at… (sorry, i am not sure how to make that a link…) and of course the info and tutorials on the kineme site (THANK YOU). but finding more references and resources would make using QC even super better.

    i use kineme's plugins, and they have some great ones, especially for midi control (THANK YOU) and the 3d stuff. as i said, i'm still a newb, but the vdmx integration of QC clips has me sold for performance contexts. all i need now is some money….

  • deb

    oh, i guess it just shows up as a link….ya learn new things everyday….


    It does look amazing!!
    I'm fwding video to promoters as we speak
    Is it not a curved LED wall with LED in front of DJ's?

  • goto10

    Ali blew my mind with his contakt set at sonar… and then i found out he's doing it all with open source generative software! in my opinion he's the best example of how generative visuals can go 'mainstream'…

    also a bit of shameless self promotion: i've started a series of video tutorials for qc and vdmx:

  • Ali Demirel

    Thank you for this post.

    The screens are LED displays here. We have been fighting a lot to get those setups from promoters! But in the end, when they see the result, they are more than happy ;)

    Joris, thanks for compliments and especially for your QC tutorials. Keep it up please because I also have lots to learn about it…


  • rolin

    Great work Ali!

    I also like the fact that you are coming from
    the fields of architecture AND nuclear engineering…
    …what a combination :)

    Here is a (continuously growing) list of useful Quartz Composer links.

    Just let me know if there's something to add…


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  • Steve Elbows

    The kineme stuff really adds a lot to QC. The GL Tools, Particle Tools, and Texture stuff could be of obvious use to VJs, although many of the other plugins are very useful once you understand the limitations and frustrations of QC, and how kineme work round them.

    here is an interesting eample of the particle tools in action, featuring time freezing and camera rotation:

    There is also a rather interesting 3D plugin, its only an alpha release and you might have to spend a while on their site trying to find it (I think its in their forums somewhere), but it has the potential to animate 3D models.

    Lately there has been some interesting examples on their forum of Augmented Reality, eg:

    Ed. note: you should have three dots on the end of that URL, which our URL parser doesn't allow.

  • Steve Elbows

    Oops, scratch what I said about the kineme 3d plugin, its not generally available yet, but it will be one day and Im sure you'll hear about it when it happens.

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