I’ve been uploading loads of videos to Youtube recently, a job which has been made considerably easier by the ‘tube’s Multi-Video Upload feature, which I thought I’d share in case any other CDMsters are still laboring away in Single-Video Upload land.
Youtube Multi-Video Upload
It requires Google Gears, which in turn requires Firefox, but neither of those should be a barrier to any self-respecting geek. You can select any number of videos in your file manager dialogue, after which they’re all added to a list filled with handy text boxes for Title, Description and Tags. It also lets you add more items to the queue while some are already uploading, which is great if you have, for instance, one instance of Vegas editing, one rendering, and Firefox in the background uploading the videos as they come off the production line.

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    Like yourself, Jaymis, I'm into streamlining my video production pipeline. I wish Sony Vegas could render into a tidy H.264 as QuickTime does (its own implementations are lesser-quality and bork the timecode). I usually batch render to high-quality Photo JPEG from Vegas with the Veggie Toolkit @ http://www.peachrock.com/software/VeggieToolkit3/… , then open each file in QuickTime Player and save as H.264. However, I've recently gotten a Mac Pro and am looking forward to streamlining the operation more.

    Anyway, more video-sharing sites should have a batch uploader. I like this Google Gears-powered YouTube one, as the old one was cruddy and mistakenly removed values from fields you filled in. blip.tv has a batch uploader app, but on the whole, they seem to be comparatively rare.