Finnish “video- and lightdesigner” Teemu Määttänen has put together a beautifully minimalist projection mapping installation titled NOSTE.

NOSTE installation from Teemu Määttänen on Vimeo.

As impressive as the work itself is Teemu’s development blog and his research of “Video in Theatre”:
NOSTE installation in the gallery, initial concept stills, test videos and scale model projections, curved surfaces (with some great AV interactions), physical objects built in cardboard from 3D plans.

  • mj

    … its apitty that the camera is on a fixed position…

  • Teemu Määt


    here's a short moving camera video of Noste:

  • Miguex

    This looks great!

  • R0NiN

    Just thought I'd mention this program which gives you the flat templates to cut out and turn into 3D models – meaning you could fabricate the 3D model in software first.

  • Mat

    nice video ;)