Bad news from comments: while the white MacBook has the same mini-DVI output as its predecessor, it doesn’t work with adapters that support TV out. That means, basically, forget what I said earlier.

This adapter is not compatible with the 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo white MacBook introduced in January 2009.

Oddly, as far as I know the card itself should support TV out. So anyone who thinks this is all some DRM conspiracy, more fodder – though the same machines still do support VGA analog out, which is not a protected path and could itself allow piracy. I’m stumped. I think maybe computer makers think we don’t want TV out any more. Open to theories.

Thanks, janeoblivion. And no thanks to you, Apple / NVIDIA / shadowy forces who have aligned against our TV out, darnit.

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  • _kraftma_

    where is more profit: selling digital driven hires lcd panels or poor analog tvs?

    to be an user is sometimes really hard ;)

  • Peter Kirn

    Well, wait a minute. Only a few of the PC vendors are in the TV manufacture business. So presumably they've decided we don't want the things, for some mysterious reason.

  • BennyXZ

    Hello there, i just bought a nvidia macbook, and to tell you the truth i really miss the tv out, my tv monitor, has only super video input and now i cant watch them there. I cant just say that i will but another monitor….
    By the way, i havent tested other adapters, are they still working? i have a minidvi to dvi and minidvi to vga that i bought with my old x3100 macbook.

  • Gas Detector

    what i do like about LCD TV's is that the cost keeps dropping each year -*;