American director Todd M Duym has put together a tight little multi-camera music video for Curtis Santiago.

Curtis Santiago – Annabel from Todd M Duym on Vimeo.

The edit is loads of fun. Having worked on a much simpler screen-splitting post production before, I can imagine the post on this piece may have been reasonably time-consuming. Expressions and scripting and a well organized workflow can help make this kind of thing easier, but when it comes down to it you’re moving a lot of little bits of data around.

Cheap video cameras are doing such fun things for music video.

  • massta

    Yeah, this is very cool. Song is cool too.
    The grid got a little too much halfway through at is was a nice break to only view 4 screens, which led to a great second half of the song. Will be interesting to see Curtis make another one.

  • smokris

    The bad-dv-tape glitchiness of camera #11 is way awesome. (I think I'm going to explore this technique…)

    And, yeah, the breakdown to 4 shots at 2:08 worked quite well.

  • Jaymis

    @smokris: I enjoyed that glitching too. I'm sure Vade could tell us how to emulate this in software. Would be interested to see techniques for achieving it though.. Now that the DV era is passing I'm finding it a slightly desirable effect!