Jack Lykins sends us a really amazing video he assembled using Ms. Pinky, the vinyl control system, and its included Maxi-Patch Max/MSP/Jitter patch to control animation interactively. We’ve seen vinyl triggering and controlling video, of course – as on the Serato VIDEO-SL, previously reviewed here. But there’s something about Jack’s style of “narrative” animation on the turntable that’s really compelling.

Hope to see more of this setup.


Hands-on Review: Serato’s VIDEO-SL for Visual Vinyl Turntablism

  • Gorgull

    I woke up early this morning, thinking about the future of my Protein project and a computer based sampling/fx app, and I was wondering if someone already did an open turntable-control library… and now I discover Ms Pinky – sounds like a nice coincidence!

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  • http://www.freshlygroundproductions.com Kristen

    would LOVE to keep in touch and find opportunities for you to perform. I'm an animator and would love to collaborate sometime.

  • http://www.keyofgrey.com KeyOfGrey

    This is a seriously cool set

  • jock

    This is absolutely amazing.

    Really real art that is only possible because of technology, not art that is there to show off the technology.


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  • http://www.anistock.com brian

    Great example for the art of animation, superb

  • http://www.myspace.com/tooltablist Mudo

    Great Job.

    I commented at Youtube.


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  • gbsr

    ok, that was awesome.

  • Memo NuZa

    A student from my university has already done this and it was completely awesome(i think he saw it here…) Of course music is very important…

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  • http://freespywarepro.altervista.org bugulmeses