Simple, original ideas are wonderful. The vast majority of videos that “go viral” are based around a single, simple idea. The idea may be “anesthetized kids are funny”, or it may be “time-remapping a rotting apple makes it look magical:”

Ecological apple (experimental short) from Andreas Soderberg on Vimeo.

It´s a regular timelapse that i have edited in after effects. Time remap and some camerashake.
Andreas Soderberg.

You know the spiel by now. You’re a visualist, you’re more qualified than just about anyone around you to turn a simple idea into a professional, artistic video. Go out and do it. Come back and tell us about it.

  • Jaymis

    I'll get things started. Here's a piece I shot 2 Sundays ago. It started out as a "what if" conversation, which was quickly ended with a "well let's go and try it out!" exclamation.

  • format.k

    Here's an idea I'm developing which uses sound reactive and eye tracking data to light areas of images. This is a quick mock up in after effects, but I'm using Isadora to try some stuff out now with a whole series of images.

  • Richard Lainhart

    Here's a video of mine from about a year ago:

    It's a one-year-long timelapse of a Japanese maple tree in my backyard, shot once per day with a Canon Digital Rebel EOS camera under computer control. The original stills were 3K resolution. I sequenced them all in AE by cross-fading between the stills at about 1 second/still, added some image processing, and introduced a slow 2:1 zoom over the length of the film.

  • jade

    Fantastic work all of you, really inspiring.
    Especially like Karl's short mock up, great idea.