Polish Blender artist Sebastian Korczak is not only creating some fantastic interactive pieces in Blender (on CDMo), but he’s releasing the source code, for other Blenderissimos to build on his work:

Blender Live Shape 1.0 from MyInventions on Vimeo.

Also check out his Blender AI robots, and work connecting Arduino to Blender.

Thanks Giorgio.

  • 14greg

    wow! nice I love blender and processing. thanks for the post jaymis

  • http://www.vdmokstati.com grigori

    oh, this is great. i scooping up all these types of interactions between open source technologies. its definitely going somewhere.

  • http://en.myinventions.pl Sebastian


    New Blender Live Shapes link: http://myinventions.pl/index.php?page=BlenderLive