VIMBY – Thunderdome 3D

There is a dimension beyond that which is known to VJs. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge, between that semester when he was totally doing great at math and the one where he started to fail Calculus. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an dimension we call … the z axis.

Yes, three-dimensional visuals are here. And people look super cute and mod in those 3D glasses.

We covered the possibilities of the third dimension recently:

Next Projection Frontier, Going 3D? Head Tracking, Stereoscopy

Fortunately, cameras were there to capture the party at Thunderdome, a visual event in Boston. Check out the video at top. See also:

Now, the next challenge: how do you get 3D visuals at live events to work better, to work so well that people can’t resist putting on the glasses, but can move around the space — while drinking — and still see the 3D transformations properly?

Discuss, ye great scientists of the eyes.

  • TweakingKnobs

    ha ha , in this party it seems like everybody thinks is cooler than anyone else.

    what a nice atmosphere.

  • worshipVJ

    ironically, in college, it was that exact semester when i started to fail at calculus 3 & calculus-based physics that i started to imagine what i REALLY wanted to do with my life and how college would play any part of that…
    i walked out of lab, straight to the dean's office, and quit engineering…
    …i went marketing, which helped me to better understand the human psyche and how the "visual" affects us. totally the right move.

  • Mistaker

    Ha Worship,

    I have a similar background. I actually got my ME degree and then through throwing parties (including the one above) I moved into marketing. I think there is fertile group for using the analytical mind for creativity and vice versa. Check out They're doing a good job of trying to unify the technology and creative fields. Along with this blog of course.


  • Tim Reha

    Nice work on the 3D VJ party.

    I shot a really insane demo of the StarCave a 4K3D holodeck at Calit2 a few years back. Check out this video

    At 4K a 3D space looks so crisp and clean your eyes bug out of your head. The future will be pure magic in a few years.

  • james

    Looks like a great time…funny to see those 1948 ads I've been showing (even just yesterday) to my media studies class in Istanbul. Turkey.
    Why didn't I think of using that krazy band aid ad with the kids in a VJ set? It still looks cool, especially in '3D'

  • Chainsmokingbastard

    They've just performed a couple of weeks ago in my town (Jakarta, Indonesia). Sadly, the event organizer provided inadequate screening media ( 2 x 5000 ansi lumens beamer and 5 plasma screen arranged in a horizontal row, with a yellow-ish output due to a glitch in the setup ), so the experience were not maximal :(

  • optoyz

    it should be mentioned, that ALO, VJ Alfred Loch has come to VJing via stereoskopic projection back in 1999. At worldhausTV studio we could hook up his synchronized hardware players and two WJ-MX-50 and projectors/polar glasses. All in Color, SD though.
    Nevertheless it was fun back then, especially, when you would blend from strereoskopic Animations into the feedback of the two MX-50 ; ))