LDN24 from FIELD on Vimeo.

My experience of London tomorrow will be somewhat “virtual,” as I spend a few hours on a layover at Heathrow. For a more artistic reinterpretation of the data that’s bound up with one of the world’s great cities, though, here’s a terrific installation:

LDN24 is a public art installation for the Museum of London. It draws filmic impressions and the facts and figures of London life into a picture of 24 hours in the life of the city.

The Light Surgeons – Production
FIELD – Data Visualisation

more info at field.io/project/ldn24

documentation by Saskia Schmidt, saskiaschmidt.com

The interactive mural recalls the crawl of a stock ticker, but there’s a generative fabric to the whole thing that attempts to build a narrative:

Statistics and statements from the web and a huge database are printed along the LED screen by the second hand of a 24 hours clock. Weather, traffic and news updates, the Thames’ tides, Tube updates and recent fire incidents are pulled live from numerous RSS feeds, Twitter and news portals.

A custom software composes statistics, the film and a generative soundtrack into an immersive audiovisual narrative. Each iteration reveals new connections between film and data, and puts the figures into context with everyday live.

More information:

And of course, nice to see a project built as a collaboration between visualists and artists specializing in data visualization. The description of the Field duo reads like a manifesto for how data visualization might become a refined practice of art and design,

  • xnay

    are you not confusing Field the software and Field the graphics designers?

  • Peter Kirn

    Sorry, yes, I prematurely posted a draft of a story that wasn't quite ready while traveling. Fixed. ;)

    Now, let's avoid getting into the confusion between the artist The Field and Field Music. Must be a popular name.

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