MAD MMX – Opening Title Sequence from Physalia Studio on Vimeo.

3D scanning and visual effects, the likes of which were popularized in Radiohead’s House of Cards video and open source code, are now more readily available to the masses than ever. Thank Kyle McDonald’s excellent DIY 3D scanning software, built in Processing. Resources, if you’d like to try this yourself:
DIY 3D Scanner @ OpenProcessing

Structured Light 3D Wiki [Google Code] [with loads of other fantastic projects]

The point of democraticizing tools, though, should be better artistic output. So it’s encouraging to see this gorgeous-looking intro video for Spain’s MAD MMX, the Madrid visual conference, which took place at the beginning of this month. It’s the work of motion and visual effects house Physalia.

Be sure to spot some of the terrific human body deconstruction about two minutes in; I’d love to see more of this element in particular. You can see more of the techniques behind the work in the making-of video at bottom.

Music by Tinnitustudio (Alex Mediavilla & Egus).

You can follow Physalia on Facebook.

Anyone else working with these open 3D scanning tools?

MAD MMX – Opening Title Sequence. Making Of from Physalia Studio on Vimeo.

  • nate

    wow…thanks for this post and the links. i had no idea this stuff was becoming available. anyone know what 3D program they were using in the "making of" video?

  • RoyMacdonald

    Hi Peter,

    it's quite amazing the work from this guys!

    I'd been working for a while with the structured light scanning and been contributing to it's development. I've been working on a stand alone VGA pattern generation and camera sync hardware based around arduino (so to avoid cross platform issues, camera sync glitches and having to run 2 computers for realtime decoding). So far the pattern VGA pattern generator is working and I'm working in the camera sync. I expect to have it working soon. Then I'll post tha instructions to build it and, maybe, if there are interested people, it would be nice to get some batch made PCBs and sell those. If there's anyone interested in getting an already working hardware (as soon as I have those done) or help me with developmente feel free to contact me.

    Best regards!

  • RoyMacdonald


    The 3D software that appears in the making of is the Structured Light decode software. It is available at the google code project site.
    there's all the info and software you'll need. The only hardware you'll need is a standard projector and a USB camera (the sony PS3eye does an amazing job and is quite cheap).


  • massta

    This is great! Only left wondering how the internal body parts were created and animated.

  • nate


    thanks for the info. i'd love to see those instructions when you get them done. wish i could help some in the development but i don't think i currently have the know-how to be of any real benefit.

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  • armor

    Simply Awsome

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