Darkstar: Gold from Evan Boehm on Vimeo.

Armed with OpenFrameworks and other shared visual tools and code, plus After Effects and Cinema 4D, artist and director Evan Boehm leads a team to produce an artistry-packed music video for Hyperdub’s Darkstar. Faces are scanned, deconstructed, transformed into video signal, made visible from the inside out, and exploded into glowing gold geometries and particles. Willy Wonka would have been proud of the fancies of which television is capable.

I met Evan at the Ghostly Visual Music workshop, and many of these ideas, he says, were drawn from inspiration from the work of the folks in the group. Techniques with video glitches, mesh distortion, point clouds, light scanner, and particles were all featured in some form that week. It’s yet another example of a scene, a community producing creative energies rather than the mythological isolated soloist. I’m convinced that kind of exchange is what will help a new visual Renaissance to explode in coming years.

And, happily, I think Evan has done a good job of taking this bag of tricks and connecting them in the meaning of the video. You certainly feel the cuts between them, that you’re looking at the subject of the video through different angles, but there’s an emotional and conceptual thread between them.

Lots more detail on how it was all done, with sample code you can use:
Darkstar’s Gold [sembler]

And the team:

Directed/Animated by Evan Boehm (peelyoureyes.com
Directed/Animated by Evan Boehm
Director of Photography: Mark Adcock (circularpictures.com)
Programming: Max Worgan
Photography: Matt Wilson

Director of Photography: Mark Adcock
Programming: Max Worgan
Photography: Matt Wilson

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  • http://mmmlabs.com Momo The Monster

    Major props to Evan & the team for using, improving and re-releasing Open Source visual tools. This is definitely the way forward.