Visuals for live performance require a lot of the same things over and over again – media loading and browsing, crossfades, effects… Vizzie is a set of macro-style add-ons for Max/MSP/Jitter, free to current users, you can drop into any patch.

Very cool, and they look very nicely designed. Read some praise for the plugs on the C74 forums, plus discussion of how it could be improved (hmmm… maybe C74 should consider a CC license or some such encouragement for people to modify them?):

Vizzie: An Appreciation

If you’ve got Jitter and have been waiting for an excuse to build the visual performance patch of your dreams, now’s your chance. (If you let a student registration lapse, etc., Cycling also has a sale on.) Cycling make a big deal of noting that this makes things easier both for beginners and advanced users, but I think that should be very evident, especially if you watch the videos.

More videos and details on Cycling ’74′s site:
Introducing Vizzie

Quartz Composer, vvvv, Pd/GEM, Processing, OpenFrameworks fans, etc. – no reason you couldn’t put together the same sorts of macros in your tool of choice. (Maybe some of you already have.) I say that only as an extra challenge to y’all…

Updated: Namespace conflict? Reader Ed Guild, a regular on CDM, notes that he has performed for years under the name Vizzie, and uses that name on the forums. You can find him at Psylab on Facebook. He contacted C74 and they confirm they’ve heard from him. I will leave that to them to sort out – these things happen – but for clarification, he isn’t associated with this.

  • Leon Trimble

    wow. this is ace. a twiddlr and a togglr module? lol! i'm starting to do guest lectures getting uni students into vjing and it can be hard to get to a state where you can can teach node based vjing without alienating two thirds of the students (depending on what they're studying) so this works on so many levels…

  • Guillaume LECTEZ

    Marvelous!!!! i give it a try yesterday, and it's very easy to use and implement in your Live tracks! It's incredible what we can do with our laptops nowadayz….

  • tom-mac

    im probably being a massive noob here but…. i am a current max owner and user, but i cant for the life of me figure out how to update and obtain vizzie, can anyone help?  what do i do, how to i update or download the modules.