Procrastinatus Part I from on Vimeo.

Procrastinatus Part II from on Vimeo.

A/V crew Procrastinatus send us their latest: it’s over an hour of a live set, fusing stylish silver-and-monochrome abstract visual loops with tightly-composed sounds. The project is the work of Emil Bardh, Olof Schröder, Emmanuel and Jonatan Moreno, working in the visual software Resolume (site | cdmo tag) and performing sound in Ableton Live (also regularly seen here on Motion).

It’s really beautiful work. I like sometimes dropping visualists and musicians together and not being certain what will happen, some of the time – as a performer and as a viewer. But this degree of care and attention to detail is important, either way, and I expect audiovisual audiences will demand getting to see this kind of coordination, as well. Also interesting: the crew uses the micropayment system Flattr so you can support this work if you want them to release more, “passing the hat” virtually rather than requiring a paid admission. More on that, complete downloads, and more info on the artists:

Full HD downloads:

Micropayment flattery:​thing/​95145/​The-Procrastinatus-Video


  • Craig Sheppard

    Stronger than ever, ever before, KMFDM is a drug against war!

  • Hansi

    just beautiful to see and beautiful to hear. congrats, very good job!

  • Emil Bardh

    the flatter link seams broken please use&nbsp ;  instead !