I really enjoy when I get the chance to cross-post stories on Create Digital Music and Motion; I think it means maybe we’re doing something right.

Inspired by Autechre, the collaboration of Leisure-B and Usselino produced this pulsing music video full of primitive geometries. It’s not entirely unlike some works we’ve seen before, but at the same time, there’s enough here to spark imaginations about how visual geometries and music might be connected (a topic foremost on my mind these days). I also like that you can download the Massive synth presets and Cinema4D file used to create it. It’s also interesting to watch Ableton Live, designed by and for musicians, in the hands of people doing video production. In all frankness, I think visual software has often lacked the invention of music software in thinking about time, rhythm, and user interface, even if music software often tends toward large arrays of clunky virtual knobs. I hope this decade brings more creative thinking. (Alternative approaches to the timeline on tablets, perhaps?)

The creators comment a bit on the visual process:

fret_1 was made with Cinema 4d 11.5 and its Mograph, Deformer Objects (like Explosion FX) and Particle Emitters. Also, After Effects CS4 was used for all the compositing work and some 2.5D-Animations. Inside After Effects, different Plug-Ins like Twitch and Optical Flares from videocopilot.net were also applied. Of course a whole bunch of standard Plug-Ins like Levels,Time-Remapping, Glow, Blur etc, were involved.

Usselino originally created the video based on the Autechre track “Vose In”. After showing the video to Leisure, both gentleman figured that a change of tune might not be a bad idea.

“I personally very much appreciate geometric primitives. They have a certain perfection to them and appear very statical. So why not play around with them and make them more vivid somehow, and with that more interesting for a broader audience? How can I do it, and make other people enjoy it as well?

The project evolved over a beer, which I find can also be an essential ingredient to artistic workflow.

Humanworkshop on the project
Download the Cinema4D file

On the music side, on Create Digital Music

  • Chris Thorpe

    "I think visual software has often lacked the invention of music software … even if music software often tends toward large arrays of clunky virtual knobs"

    Agreed – but some video software with a large array of clunky knobs (a virtual vintage video synthesiser) could be fun too.

  • http://www.synthwerks.com ersatzplanet

    I posed this question on createmusic.com's thread about this video – it has red/blue fringing that makes me think it is designed to be viewed with red/blue 3D glasses – I can't find mine so has anyone a pair to try viewing it with?  It sure has all the symptoms of 3D – the "fringing" gets more pronounced on scenes where I could see pronounced 3D action.

  • Neil V

    I believe the red and blue fringing is simply a simulation of chromatic aberration. A bit overdone here I feel but nice work overall.

  • Hedehodo


    a little resemblance? what do you say?

  • norgL

    there some quotations in that vid of other works that i knew. but i think it´s unique in the way it´s picking these samples and mixing it to something new. it´s a like summary of a "trend". that rgb-sliding is a little too much for me… anyway you can´t reinvent the wheel…

  • http://interimdescriptor.blogspot.com interim_descriptor

    I like the RGB fringing!

    Here's a first-pass implementation of the effect as a GLSL shader that responds to the bass frequencies of a video being played back in my dvj software:


    There's way more I'd like to do with this, but it's a start, anyway.

    For those interested, here's the source:


    uniform sampler2D texLeft;uniform sampler2D texCenter;uniform sampler2D texRight;uniform float brightnessScalar;uniform float rgbSpatializerScalar;

    void main(){        vec4 texColorLeft = texture2D(texLeft,gl_TexCoord[0].st + vec2(-0.01*rgbSpatializerScalar,0));        vec4 texColorCenter = texture2D(texCenter,gl_TexCoord[0].st);        vec4 texColorRight = texture2D(texRight,gl_TexCoord[0].st + vec2(0.01*rgbSpatializerScalar,0));        gl_FragColor.r = gl_Color.r * texColorLeft.r * brightnessScalar;        gl_FragColor.g = gl_Color.g * texColorCenter.g * brightnessScalar;        gl_FragColor.b = gl_Color.b * texColorRight.b * brightnessScalar;        gl_FragColor.a = gl_Color.a;}

  • http://interimdescriptor.blogspot.com interim_descriptor

    Wow, that formatting sure didn't work… :-/

  • http://helloworld.me.uk ashley

    Loving the battery drum kit sounds as well

  • Trey

    This is pretty sick. They should submit it to the Tromadance festival. They always show trippy shit like this. It's coming up in April. Here's their website if you wanna check it out. http://www.tromadance.com