CoGe is an upstart VJ app on the Mac, built on the foundations of Quartz Composer as a standalone VJ app. It’s been winning over some converts already – as indicated in our recent survey. But here’s the big release: version 1.0, a ground-up rewrite, which in turn debuts the app as a commercial tool.

For the best overview, see the brand-new version 1.0 quick start video at top.

Highlights new in this release:
Native support for Syphon (for interconnecting with other Mac visual apps)
Arbitrary layers
Mixer chains

Speaking of Syphon, for you projection mapping fans, here’s a good tutorial:
Connecting CoGe to MadMapper via Syphon

More info:

There’s a fully-functional demo with everything but save/load. US$99 to buy, with an intro price of $79 through September 10 (+VAT). And no, it’s not free and open source any more. I’m only a little sad that it isn’t both commercial and open source, as I’d be interested to see someone try that model. But, that said, the fact that it’s built atop Quartz Composer means it’s very easy to extend with QC plug-ins, which is very cool, as is support for the open source Syphon framework. And it’s clear that the commercial part of it is necessary to support better development.

Let us know if you’re using CoGe and what you think of it – and what you’re doing with it!

  • Paul

    Bully for Tamas getting v1.0 out there. I have started playing with the new Coge, and the abilities to build effects chains and map layers, fx chains, sequencers and mixers is a great modular approach, on top of Coge's traditional openness toward QC for customized players, effects, transitions and controls.

    v1.0 does suffer from the usual lack of idiot-proof documentation. I recommend it for anyone with the willingness to go on the voyage of discovery. It's a DIY dream.

  • .lov.

    The first idea was to make it open-source and commercial, but after a while i just gave up. Trying to 'hide' the licensing handling part of the app makes the whole thing to unnecessary complex. So i just gave up, and started an open-source framework called CoGeOpenSource with some helper classes and functions for developers. I'll update it recently in the future, but actually the most important thing is making more tutorials and finish the wiki :)

  • Smash Hat

    Nice, I'll be trying this soon. 

  • .lov.

    CoGe 1.0.1 released!:

  • Maxx

    CoGe is simply great!

    It is simple enough for beginners, but it also as complicated you want due the modularity. I

    use it mostly to animate with still images. The sequencer works for my workflow just great.

    Syphon connection is great add-on as the syphon recorder works well. have not tried any other syphon connections.

    On my todo list is to do few my own QC effects and players and connect CoGe to Ableton. The provided QC examples are simple enough for non-programmers to get something done.

  • .lov.

    1.1 is also out, with some new features like audio analysis!

  • .lov.

    1.2 available with some fancy new features and major performance up!