How do you expose live visual culture to larger audiences? Even as club visuals have become more commonplace, and – evidently – some US$10 million in gear sold last year, the awareness of the medium itself is both limited and, very often, contentious.

Producer and CDM reader Yaniv Fituci sends along one new entry, a show that will look at the meeting place of music and technology. (Hmm… I think I’ve been to that intersection.)

Hosted by G4 celeb Kevin Pereira, the production style definitely isn’t subtle. There appear to be leather-bound ladies around, for one. (If I produced a show in Berlin, leather and bare skin, yes. Ladies – maybe not so much.) And Kevin Pereira seems to be caught in a combination of a motion graphic for Monday Night Football and Lawnmower Man. (“Are you ready for some virtual reality?” Speaking of which, best IMDB tagline ever: “A simple man is turned into a genius through the application of computer science.” Hell, yes!) Can’t someone license the rights to Max Headroom, already?

The format, though, sounds intriguing. The show is done battle-style, judged on Twitter.

And once you get through the title graphics, Mike Relm shows off some video turntablism while doing a pretty nice, concise explanation of the modern live visual set’s evolution. I would have liked to hear some artist names mentioned — Emergency Broadcast Network and Coldcut introduced a lot of the video cut-up and remix techniques you see, and Coldcut the ground-breaking VJAMM software (which itself does get a mention). But it could reach some new audiences, and I’m curious to see how this VJ death match happens.

It’s all definitely focused on club visuals and audiovisual turntable sets, which in a way reveals how big the gulf is between this and the growing practice in generative visuals, projection mapping, and synthesis (even including a resurgence of analog video synthesis).

All of that said, it’s great to see this team take on the topic. More coverage can only be a good thing.

So, if this is a VJ and music tech program for the G4 set, what would you want as Create Digital Motion readers? I think we probably bought ten million dollars in cables last year, at least. (We’ve probably collectively bought $10 mil in those little Apple video dongles, as a community.) [Ah, remember those innocent days in the 90s when we all used VJAMM and ArKaos, and there was only one Matrix movie?]

Below, videos with ScreenWerks, Eclectic Method. And Yaniv tells us the next epi will feature controllerism “and bout Ean Golden vs Moldover in a 3-round controllerist battle.”

Bonus: Since my locality is set to Germany, IMDB tells me that, in German, Lawnmower Man is, naturally, “Der Rasenmähermann.” Oh, yes. Now I know what my hardcore deathtronic artist name will be.

  • TJ Pallas

    So I’m watching this while I’m waiting for an appointment the morning after providing some eyejuice for an afterparty where I’m remembering how much fun it was to work alongside a DJ I’d never met, and the moment of shared backpatting when the lights came on and we finally got to tell each other how much of a joy it was to collaborate solely with our hands, without words.  The kids need to know about that bit too, G4!

  • Brendan

    Oooohhh, to love it or hate it… IMHO Scratch VJs are about as engaging
    as Scratch DJs – meaning that the novelty factor wears off, and it just
    feels like my eyeballs are getting f*%ked by a chainsaw.  Here’s hoping
    they showcase visualist nerds who work the trenches, build their own
    soft/hardware and manage to amaze their fellow VJs/Visualists and push
    the whole genre forward.

    With Pioneer (DVJ) as a sponsor, and the aforementioned production style, I don’t have high hopes.  Still, it’s exciting to see!  Hopefully the style of Screenwerks & Eclectic Method are shown in all their glory (ie not so many fast cuts away from their work) when the battle video is released on March 15th.

  • Mrph070n

    I think this quote pretty much sums up how I feel about what I’ve just seen…

  • Mutis Mayfield

    Mixed Media Arts?
    Eclectic Method?

    Not, only a finger pointing to the moon…

  • Mike Todd

    man, did they really miss the ball on this one. this stuff looks so corny. why don’t they do features on AntiVJ or something?

  • Mike Todd

    so this show is about a bunch of dudes using other people’s hardware to control other people’s software to play other people’s videos. fun.

    • Mike Todd

      On the other hand, I watched another intro video that shows Daedalus and Reggie Watts, so it might not be all bad…

  • Leon Trimble

    oof. and suddenly it’s the 90s again. when arkaos was great?!?! he actually really reminded me of an mtv host…

  • TimeSquid

    Did anyone else notice that Mike Relms introduction to VJ’ing used a picture of Lars ( from LZX modular ) to describe 80′s VJ mentality?

  • Mike Cupcake

    yep they mention VJAMM…  while showing a screen mostly filled by Ableton Live.  Classy :-)