Panoramic Room 2.0 from Carlos Freitas on Vimeo.

Last week, we traveled to Portugal to see an immersive mapped environment produced by Lisbon’s Dub Video Connection. Now, the artists share the sequel with CDM. Well worth watching for more context.

It’s especially nice seeing the more abstract geometrical visual language combined with figurative work – no need to be overly restricted in this way.

Lounge in a Projection-Mapped Living Room? Panoramic Room, Portugal

  • Gomer Pylée

    Eyjafjällajökul + a tree, only not as good. Yes, very fine work, but also not groundbreaking.

  • design person

    Why do you need two projectors for this?

    • massta

      Yes, why two projectors Was the tree physically 3D? I might have missed that, otherwise the wall is flat and only one projector is needed. Also, they stacked them, so that makes no sense either, unless they were afraid one could fail or something.